Hello there!


Hi y’all! It’s Mickii! I am the owner, and creator of everything Mickiimadeit! 
First WELCOME, Thank you so much for visiting my site and supporting my small business!!
 I'm so grateful for all of you following along with me on this journey of growth and exploring my love for crafting!
 I'm 33 and live in Austin,Tx with my crazy family (husband, daughter and dog!), I’ve been crafting since I was at least 18! It all started with a cricut and a dream! Let’s take a moment to be real because transparency is important. Crafting truly allows me this wonderful space to showcase my true passion and follow my dreams!
 I’m funny, witty, kind hearted and slightly introverted! I enjoy traveling and time with my family!! Im a lover of all things SNEAKERS 👟 and GLITTER ✨ ! I’m a very glass 1/2 full kinda girl! Always looking for the light in EVERY DARK CLOUD!
 I’ll talk to anyone about ALMOST anything!  (No snakes please ICK! )
 Im very random so my content posting is sporadic!! And you can catch me on TikTok live sometimes!
Most of all I am so incredibly thankful that you all have decided to take this journey with me. I thank you guys over and over again! I would be nowhere without you!!
 Thank you all again!
P.s. If you ever want to support or purchase! My website link is in my BY-OH
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